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TOFU BACK 65%_1800x1800

Case Galore!

Keychron - Hotswap, for MAC or WINS

All TAI-HAO Keycaps

Our selection for Office work and Typist

Style above all

Waiting is hard. So, all orders are shipped under 24 Hours

We don't have an army of drones, but we promise to work the most efficient way to package, ship, and deliver safely and swiftly

Eloquent Simplicity. Providing service, the aficionado way

Drop us an Email, write us on Discord, or say hi on Instagram. You got a problem? we are here to fix it. 

All products are carefully selected and tested for quality and style

If we wouldn't buy it ourselves, we wouldn't sell it to you. We attempt to work with quality products and  test them for any mishaps
We are no goliath. We are a very small Keyboard company based in Spain. We love SA keycaps, tactile switches, and Noir jazz. Check us out on the medias for more info!
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