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Gateron X Switch



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The Gateron X mold is a provable, completely brand-new bottom housing mold. Each bottom housing comes with an X engraving on the bottom, as well as polished interiors, where the stem contacts the housing. These polished areas reduce surface roughness while maintaining stem tolerances.

For this initial run, Gateron X comes in the classic nylon-blend milky top, nylon black bottom, and bright yellow POM stem. These stems differ from the traditional Gateron Yellows and are from the Gateron Pro line-up. These stems were also polished prior to this production run.

Notes: The polished areas make it slippery to grip, this is not factory lube but rather the smooth polished surface.

The polished surface also makes oil-based lubricants less effective. Higher viscosity lube is suggested (For example, Krytox 205g0 or 205g2)

  • Lineal
  • Not factory lubed
  • Materials: Nylon-blend top, nylon bottom, POM stem 50g actuation, 65g bottom out, stainless steel spring
  • Milky Top
  • Black bottom
  • Gateron Pro stem
  • New bottom housing molds with mirror polished
  • Gateron yellow 60g slow spring


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