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The BT75 V2 is a simple, 75% PCB that is solderable (or hotswap) AND wireless. The BT75 aims on delivering a polished, seamless experience.

It includes a Nordic Semiconductor "BLE" module that delivers high performance, and excellent range, even in metal cases!


  • Bluetooth connectivity (Works in metal cases!)
  • Compatible with BT4 or BT5 with BLE
  • Connect to up to 5 devices
  • Weeks of battery life (1200mAh battery included – MAY NOT BE INCLUDED WITH B-STOCK UNITS. CHECK THE OPTIONS)
  • Fits into most 60% cases
  • Standard ANSI layout
  • Solder pads for optional split back space
  • Kailh hotswap sockets
  • USB C
  • USB pins broken out
With this V2 improved version, this PCB features:
  • More layouts! You can now have arrow keys without a 2u left shift
    Single colour key backlighting! (solder pads for Soldered boards, SMD LEDs preinstalled on hotswap)
  • 12 LED RGB underglow on all models
  • Support for up to 3 separate encoders on all the 65 and 75 boards (2 on the 60)
  • Power switch in the reset well (which fails to always ON even if broken off)
  • Improved reset button that is more reliable
  • Reset jumper (you can reset it from the top of the plate without needing to pull the keyboard apart)
  • Jumper to disable the charge led for extra stealth


Also available in a 65% and 75% size!

Check out our all new firmware GUI on our website

The zmk-config repos for these boards are available here

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