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[Pre-Order] WS Matching Stabilizers for Ikki68 x Aurora R2


4x 2u+1x 6.25u+1x 7u
4x 2u+1x 6.25u+1x 7u
7x 2u+1x 6.25u+1x 7u
7x 2u+1x 6.25u+1x 7u
2u only
2u only
7u only
7u only

Aurora Stab series is specifically designed to match Aurora colorway and its 1.2 mm PCBs (1.6mm Stabs also available)


  • The housing design makes it impossible for wires to pop out since they're installed from the bottom.
  • There are ribs inside the housing to minimize lube from sticking to the stem, causing them to feel sluggish.
  • Comes with PCB mounting pads and Teflon adhesive strips already cut to size to make holee modding easier. You can have a tight fit to minimize rattle without spending a lot of time on it.

1.6 mm

The 1.6mm version is for the traditional keyboard PCBs. This version fits with most of the keyboard PCBs in the market. Therefore,  most other stabilizers in the market are also made for 1.6mm PCBs.

1.2 mm

1.2 mm ones are not compatible with traditional 1.6mm PCBs

In the following case, we recommend you to choose 1.2 mm for your Ikki68

  • Using PCB05 and PCB06 for Aurora. For the perfect fit. No need for washers or shims.
  •  And they match other PCB Kits that are also compatible with 1.2 mm, like:

- Vega
- Jelly Epoch
- Mr. Suit
- Mode Sixty Five
- Thermal
- Meridian
- Polaris
- Fuji75
- Ginkgo65

If your PCB thickness is 1.6mm, we recommend you to choose the 1.6mm ones.

Pre-order Time:

Pre-order starts: November 12th, 2021
Pre-order ends: November 26th, 2021

Delivery Time

Junuary 2022 to vendors (Express air shipping).

Please DO NOT COMBINE PRE-ORDER ITEMS WITH GB ITEMS! We will hold your package until we wait for all the items to arrive

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