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[IC] ZIGGURAT — Plateless, leaf-spring, PCB-mount 65 XT

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Ziggurat 65XT is influenced by ancient temples in Mesopotamia. Nowadays, Ziggurats can be seen as ancient temples, modern architectural works, and have even inspired futuristic designs, such as Blade Runner. The Ziggurat symbolizes opulence, power, and shared common vision to unite us all.

The idea was to create a keyboard that prioritizes a bouncy typing experience, clean acoustics, and a design language that would look great, even back in 3000 BC.

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We have spent tons of time working with keyboards, now it is time we develop our own!

ZIGGURAT 65 is an Extended Left, 65% Mechanical Keyboard developed by ELOQUENT CLICKS, designed by LAMINAR Designs

As someone that works, plays, and parties with keyboards, we wanted to create the perfect keyboard for us. We love the utility and small compact form of a 65%, but in our day to day, we feel that we could make it even more ergonomic.

Want to take a look? Listen to our test of the Ziggurat Proto!


Keyboard Dimensions: 363 x125 x31
Anodized or coated aluminum top case
Clear coated brass bottom case
Mounting style: Plateless, PCB-mounted, leaf-spring gasket
Typing angle: 6.5 degrees
Front height: 18 mm
Weight: 3 kg built
Colors include anodized Black, Silver, and Red
M3x10 front screws, M3x20 back screws


Each kit will come with the following components:

1 x Anodized or coated Aluminum top case (Ziggurat v3, which can be seen on leftmost render in design progression)
1 x Clear-coated brass bottom case
1 x PCB, daughterboard, and JST (1.2mm or 1.6mm )
5x M3x10 screws
5x M3x20 screws
4 rubber bumpons
required gaskets + 2 spares

1 x Carrying case
1 x Microfiber cloth
1 x Ziggurat sticker


For the latest updates:

Join us on Discord! (ELOQUENT CLICKS) https://discord.gg/fVmskWzvkS

Follow Laminar on discord! (Keyboard Designer) https://discord.gg/4EKx78UJxx





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We are a small Keyboard company based in Spain. We are keyboard fanatics and like to spread our passion around the globe. 
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